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Wirtschaft am Wasserturm (WaW) is a pro-active player in civil society. That is why we feel the need to develop "unquestioned" project ideas that respond to pressing problems. We are constantly looking for partners to implement these new ideas. One example is the following.

Wähl!BAR – a  free internet café for civic engagement and political education

The opportunities for a political use of the internet (e.g. "e-democracy") are well known and often talked about. However, it is to date not clear how the aimed for broad electronic participation of citizens in political deliberation can be reached.

The project “Wähl!BAR” links the existing offer of virtual politics to a local constituency and, thus, makes the former accessible for the broad public.

The "Wähl!BAR" offers the link between a real location, a real community and virtual politics by providing internet access for all in the sense of a "public library of the future". Moreover, users will be specifically trained in the respective IT skills. Thus, "Wähl!BAR" is the missing link between virtuality and locality, and represents an experimental platform for civic engagement and participation in politics. The aim is no less than to make democracy more transparent, so that everybody can understand and, potentially, shape it.

If you have any questions or suggestions with regard to these project ideas, please contact us [link].

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